Tongue and Teak Woodshop

Jacksonville, FL based woodshop

Tongue and Teak is a Jacksonville, Florida based wood shop specializing in quality handmade furniture and artwork. Created by two friends who were tired of the corporate world, Tongue and Teak focuses on creating one-of-a-kind pieces that will be the focal point for any home.


DRusso-016 resize.jpg

Daniel Russo

Creator/Co-Founder/Wears the Glasses in the Business

Daniel began woodworking as a means to furnish an odd shaped apartment and has since developed his passion into a full-blown obsession. He gave the corporate world a chance but quickly realized that when he was not in the shop, he would spend his time daydreaming and drafting plans for when he’d return. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings and the creative people in his life, Daniel focuses on incorporating personalized details in each of his pieces that will last for generations to come. Outside the shop, he spends his time playing with his shop dog Wilbur and annoying his wife through song and dance while grocery shopping.



Mike Hall

Co-Founder/Master of Bacon

Born to wolves in 1863, Kenneth Michael Hall knew he would become something more than a sinister killing/love machine. So in 1903 he left his pack to join a guild of roaming furniture builders. He now resides in a van down by the river.